DNDNS-200 参考書内容、DNDNS-200 過去問

Networking Professional Exam
Exam Description
This exam will test your ability to:

Pre Site and On Site Deployment Preparation
Physical Installation
Exam ID DNDNS-200
Exam Type Proctored at Testing Center
Exam Duration 75 Minutes
Exam Length 90 Minutes (includes NDA and tutorial)
Number of Questions 60 Questions
Passing Score 700 (out of a possible 900)
Languages English
Learning Path The courses listed help you prepare for the exam:
Dell Networking Installation and Configuration.
Dell Networking Planning
Who should take this exam?
Candidates taking this exam will have experience in deploying and/or managing Dell Networking Hardware for a recommendation of one year, with additional industry experience of one to three years. They should also possess an understanding of configuration and troubleshooting of network technologies, and knowledge on Dell deployment process and tools. The MQC will be able to perform typical deployment and/or cutover and integration with little or no assistance.

Exam Details
This exam utilizes a multiple choice format. Students will be asked to use their knowledge to solve scenario based questions.

Pre Site and On Site
Network deployment or cutover plans, equipment and infrastructure to support deployment or cutover configurations
Physical Installation
Inventory, component placement, switch hardware and cabling, power-on procedure
Firmware upgrade process
Configure control and management plane protocols, switch parameters.
Configure VLANs, Spanning Tree, basic dynamic routing, LACP, ACLs, static routing, and/or multicast, VLT/MLAG
Explain switch stacking concepts
Using operational show commands and reachability tests.
Evaluate VLAN functionality, Spanning Tree protocol operation, routing protocols operation, CLI response, VLT/MLAG functionality and over all configuration
Troubleshoot using standard network tools such as, operational ping, show commands, and reachability tests, device indicators    12.00%



NO.1 On an S-Series switch, what two events occur when a static null route has been configured in
the system to drop a packet? (Choose two.)
A. Null route is installed in the IP forwarding table.
B. Null route is installed in the ACL table with deny statement.
C. Null route is installed in the PBR table to drop the packet
D. Null route is saved into the running configuration.
Answer: A,D

NO.2 Refer to the exhibit.
A customer has a SAN deployment consisting of a single Dell server and Equallogic storage array on a
segregated VLAN communicating over a C9010. The storage arrays are reporting excessive ISCSI
Which configuration change should a network engineer apply to resolve this issue?
A. MTU size needs to be configured for 12000 on the ISCSI VLAN.
B. MTU size needs to be configured for 9252 on the host and array-facing interfaces.
C. Flow control needs to be configured for 'flow control rx on tx off' on the host and array-facing
D. Flow control needs to be configured for 'flow control rx on tx on' on the host and array-facing
Answer: D

DNDNS-200 短期   

NO.3 A network engineer removes a new Dell Networking N-Series switch from the original shipping
and initially configures STP on the switch. While the engineer is working on another task, another
individual modifies the VLAN 1 STP priority to 61440, and has saved to the startup configuration.
Which command should be issued to return the switch to the default STP priority value for VLAN 1?
A. console(config)#spanning-tree priority 65536
B. console(config)#spanning-tree priority 4096
C. console(config)#spanning-tree priority 32768
D. console(config)#spanning-tree priority 16384
Answer: C

DNDNS-200 取得   DNDNS-200 教本   

NO.4 In an OSPF network, a network engineer uses a loopback interface with an assigned IP Address
instead of configuring an IPv4 address as the Router I.
What are two benefits of this choice? (Choose two.)
A. The loopback interface does not require a different subnet to be configured on each switch.
B. The loopback interface IP address when advertised via OSPF can be used as a reliable remote
management IP address.
C. Not using a loopback interface saves real IP address space that can be used in the future.
D. OSPF is more reliable when a loopback interface is configured because a loopback interface is
always active.
Answer: B,D

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