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試験科目:SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling Credential
問題と解答:全65問 A00-240 サンプル問題集

>> A00-240 サンプル問題集


NO.1 Suppose training data are oversampled in the event group to make the number of events and
roughly equal. A logistic regression is run and the probabilities are output to a data set
NEW and given the variable name PE. A decision rule considered is, "Classify data as an event if
probability is greater than 0.5." Also the data set NEW contains a variable TG that indicates
whether there is an event (1=Event, 0= No event).
The following SAS program was used.
What does this program calculate?
A. Specificity
B. Depth
C. Positive predictive value
D. Sensitivity
Answer: D

A00-240 予約   

NO.2 A linear model has the following characteristics:
*A dependent variable (y)
*One continuous variable (xl), including a quadratic term (x12)
*One categorical (d with 3 levels) predictor variable and an interaction term (d by x1)
How many parameters, including the intercept, are associated with this model?
Enter your numeric answer in the space below. Do not add leading or trailing spaces to your
Answer: 7

NO.3 The following LOGISTIC procedure output analyzes the relationship between a binary response
and an ordinal predictor variable, wrist_size Using reference cell coding, the analyst selects Large
(L) as the reference level.
What is the estimated logit for a person with large wrist size?
Click the calculator button to display a calculator if needed.
A. -1.0415
B. -3.7727
C. 0.0819
D. 0.5663
Answer: A

A00-240 解説   

NO.4 What is the default method in the LOGISTIC procedure to handle observations with missing
A. Missing values are imputed.
B. Parameters are estimated accounting for the missing values.
C. Parameter estimates are made on all available data.
D. Only cases with variables that are fully populated are used.
Answer: D

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